“Clean, true and great blended harmonies with interesting song lyrics combine to make music I know we can play on our community radio station.”  
— Vina Moses, QCCR 99.3 DJ Liverpool, NS

“Expect a folk-country sound filled with playful lyrics and sweet harmonies from this two-and-a-half-year-old duo.”
— Lori Mastronardi, The London Free Press

“With Saving Hope, London’s The Marrieds not only avoid the second album sophomore jinx but actually up their own creative ante. Throughout the nine tracks, the sweetness of Jane Carmichael’s keening country vocals are deftly anchored by Kevin Kennedy and band’s confident, occasionally haunting performance.

Although they still have the witty cheek to tip a hat to their regional roots, à la On The CBC and kick up their heels a bit (Under Fire, Oh! My Dear) what makes Saving Hope so remarkable are the dark and melancholic flourishes that underline songs like the mesmerizing Ophelia, This Town and Rest of My Days. It’s this roiling musical undercurrent that distinguishes the finest cuts here, and mark a new maturity for the duo. That aside, all of the cuts have their charms with many compelling one to hit the << button at song’s end.

Although The Marrieds have doubtless enjoyed some marketing uplift because of the novelty of their name and backstory, Saving Hope clearly proves that this is a marriage to last.”
— Bob Klanac, Beat Magazine

“It’s [Saving Hope is] a fresh and upbeat collection of songs that preach a message of light through the darkness, that’s received rave reviews from critics across the country since its June release.”
— Victoria Dekker, Here Magazine

“Enjoyable album with strong songs.”
— Bob Mersereau, CBC’s East Coast Music with Bob Mersereau

“The realness of The Marrieds’ track (Back to You) is apparent, which is why I selected them. Technology in the right hands is a good thing. Where it goes off the rails is when it’s used to mask a lack of talent. ”
— Alan Cross

“Take Me To California is a sweet little upbeat tune and it was sunshine at 5:45 on a gloomy Saturday.”
— Amanda Putz, CBC Radio One’s Bandwidth

“Myself and the London Music Club recently held the first annual Back To The Garden Roots Music Festival near London, Ontario. One of the crowd favourites was The Marrieds.”
— Brent Jones, Festival Organizer

“Jane & Kevin are endearing and charming, and are hitting the stage with a fresh sound that is bringing a hip new “folky-pop” to a younger generation.”
— Franki Figgs

“Husband-and-wife team (surprise!) with some quiet alt-pop with some country-ish vocals. Pleasant stuff. ”
—  Alan Cross, A Journal of Musical Things

“Clapping and bells: that’s gotta be the sound of happiness.”
— Meg Wilcox, CBC Radio One’s Bandwidth

(Take Me To California): ”The perfect sunny song as winter looms.”
— Meg Wilcox, CBC Radio One’s Bandwidth

You guys [The Marrieds] are way too cute.”
— Dave Navarro, Jane’s Addiction